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What is SAP GTS?

SAP GTS ONLINE TRAINING is abbreviation of Global Trade Services that helps automating global trade processes and also facilitates of managing large number of business partners associated with business along with high volume of documents. It also helps us to comply the changing legal regulations.

SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS):-

SAP Global Trade Service application helps companiies master manifold chalenges to international trade. SAP GLOBAL TRADE ONLINE TRAINING allows enterprises to automatee streamline import also export processes ensure 2 complete regulatory compliance, expedite customs 2 clearance reduce financial trouble global transactions, also its takes complete advantage of international trade agreements.


1. Manage import & export processes & integrating them to Supply Chain."sap gts online training"

2. Simplify reporting with automatic procedures of creating & printing and submitting declarations customs authorities.

3. Automatically recognizes licensing requirements importing and exporting goods based on current regulations.

4. Its Determine which products qualify Preference handling.

5. Its Provides active interface of sending data through internationally all EDI systems, electronic media.

6. Change and update data into all relevant foreign trade documents any time prior 2 final goods issue.

SAP Global Trade Services:-

Its possible 2 check one time Vendors & Customer & address changes documents automatically screening of PO’s & SO’s can done where the functionality isn’t available on ECC.

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